Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"...A Hair TRANSPLANT??? OMG!"

I keep sitting down to write, but thinking I have nothing interesting to say, I decide to write later...then later just never seems to come. So I'm going to just write whatever comes to mind.

I went to see a doctor today about fixing a scar I have on the side of my head, from some stitches I had a few years ago. It seems to be growing, and the hair around it is getting thinner, so people have noticed it. I thought he could just cut it out, but he said he couldn't. At least not successfully. He said the best thing to do for it is a hair transplant!! OMG! I feel like an old man or something. He said it is very easy and simple, an outpatient thing that only takes a few minutes and only needs local anesthesia. I can't believe it. There was an article in a USA TODAY that I picked up this morning talking about hair transplants, and of course, the men in the pictures were these old bald middle aged men. I can barely even think about it, because every time I do I just get trembles from head to toe.