Sunday, October 14, 2007

I really love the weather this time of year!!!

Another wonderful weekend. I truly love weekends...H gets to relax a bit, we can have people over, sleep a little late, watch football, get outside (since the weather has been truly fabulous!). I really love the weather this time of year. I hope it lasts a mornings and evenings, and just perfect during the day. I'm having to get used to biking in cooler weather. I don't like being cold. I bought these cool arm/leg warmers that are like tights. You pull them on and when you warm up, you can just slide them down so you don't have to disrobe. That's the biggest problem about takes so much longer than going for a run, so you're out there through several temperature changes, as well as your body temperature changing as you work harder. It's an expensive sport. You have the bike, the tubes, then computer for the bike, the shoes, the padded "diaper" shorts, the special shirts with pockets in the back for your stuff, the gear bag for the seat, the extra air cartridges and tubes and tools for flats, the helmet, and now with the cold weather you've got to buy all the warmer clothing and things. Oh well, I guess I'm lucky I can still do it. Tomorrow we're going to do about 40 miles out in the Leiper's Fork area. Pretty roads without much traffic.

H and I visited a new church today. Our old church has been going through some changes: the pastor left (was fired), and we really loved his sermons. He was a very gifted speaker and was the reason I joined there. When he was let go it was very sad. He had some management issues, long story, and probably needed to leave, but I still hated to see him go. The new pastor is good, but just not the same. So we're looking at a few other churches that are a little closer to home. We liked the service today. Very similar to our old church, just smaller, which is kind of nice. Seems a little more personal.

In the Sunday paper today there was an article about Hasbro's "Life" game...they replaced the play money with a Visa-branded credit card! As if our kids don't already have a problem understanding about credit. Now they play games with a pretend credit card. They don't even have to count the money, add or subtract...the players just insert the credit card into a gadget where points are electronically added and subtracted. Kids already think credit cards are like magic...hand them to someone and get what you want. They don't see that you have to earn the money that you spend or pay the bills for what you charge. It's crazy.