Monday, November 12, 2007

Save the Planet, Save duh!

Attention, Al Gore! I am already doing my part to save the planet, what about you? Doctors and Climate scientists say that if you just park your car and walk or bike half an hour a day instead of driving, you can simultaneously save the planet and your health. And they've even taken this groundbreaking information (ha) and crunched the numbers. Walking just 30 minutes a day (instead of driving) will cut 64 million tons of CO2 emissions, save 6.5 billion gallons of gas and shave 3 billion pounds of weight. Bicycling 30 minutes a day will cut 255 million tons of emissions, save 26.1 billion gallons of gas and folks who ride will lose 6.5 billion one year!

The American Public Health Association is seeking to connect obesity and climate change solutions. Reducing car travel in favor of biking and walking would not only cut obesity and greenhouse gases, it would also mean less smog, fewer deaths from car crashes, less osteoporosis, and even less depressions because exercise helps beat the blues. So, Al, are you listening? I live about a mile away from you. How about I jog over to your house and we go for a walk together? You can carry your Oscar and you'd get weight training benefits!