Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Decorations are UP! H was very upset that I didn't use the old tree and the old decorations, but the colors just didn't work in the new house. I did go through the ornaments, and pulled out the ones that 1. matched and 2. were sentimental, and she will put those on this weekend. She wanted to do it this week, but she has so much homework and basketball games every night, so she has no time at all. I've laid them out on the couch, with the hangers, ready to put on the tree. Every time I pass by I have to restrain myself from grabbing them and doing them myself. She wants to do it, so I have to let her do it.

We did the tree, which is fake, because I wanted it to be up early and we'll be traveling after the holidays so I won't take it down until after the new year, and a new tree would just be so dry and flameable that we went fake. But I DID put up fresh garland on the staircase. I've never had a staircase to decorate, so that was nice. We put some shiny candlesticks and glittery candles and ornaments and netting on the table, the credenza, and some green mossy balls and red ornament balls on the big bowl on the coffee table, and wreaths on the doors, and that's about it. It looks nice, but not too much. H will put the Christmas Village upstairs (somewhere) this weekend.

They won their first basketball game of the middle school tournament tonight (43-17). H tied as leading scorer! That made up for the disappointing loss last night against a team that looked like they were 25 years old! They were so tall and talented and our girls just couldn't do anything right. They all came home upset and emotional and exhausted. Tonight was a good motivational victory. Hopefully they'll continue the streak tomorrow.