Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No more Christmas Shopping

I forgot how much I love it when I finally finish my Christmas shopping. Although, this is a dangerous time. Now that I have everything I NEEDED to buy, I start picking up things that I don't need to buy. But this is now my favorite time of the season. I look forward to the mail every day. I really love getting Christmas and Holiday cards. Such a nice change from the bills and junk mail that usually fill our box. I do get a little bit upset with all the catalogs that we get. It's crazy. I think Bloomingdales , Saks, and Neiman Marcus send us the exact same catalogs every other day. So many trees being needlessly cut down for all that paper that just goes into the trash. It's really sad.

Anyway, now I can start baking cookies, finish decorating, and dig out my old Christmas CDs. I wish H didn't have exams coming up, because she has no time to play with me.

Today was my birthday. It was a great day. I went for an 8 mile run, (which I couldn't do a few months ago due to some phantom hip pain) then had lunch with J, and went shopping. He helped me pick out my last gift (anniversary present for my in-laws, who got married on Christmas Day), and then surprised me with a new watch.We looked at it, and loved it, but when I saw the price tag all I could think of was how many pairs of shoes I could get with that money. HE's the watch guy. I usually pick up a seiko or citizens or something like that and don't take very good care of it. He really wanted to get it for me but I didn't feel comfortable spending that kind of money. So he went back to the mall with H and surprised me with it at dinner. Now I have to learn to take care of it. Yikes.