Friday, January 11, 2008

ID Theft Plan alternatives

I got a comment on my previous post from someone in Davidson County who said he signed he and his wife up for LifeLock at $10/per person/per month, because of their restoration services. That is $240/month. Here is my reply to him:

You should also check out Zander Insurance's ID Theft Plan. Their plan also provides complete restoration and is almost half the addition to being local. I heard about it on Dave Ramsey since he endorses it. I have been told that the LifeLock guarantee is very limited and more hype than substance. I checked their website and it says that the guarantee only pays if the ID Theft occurred through the fault of their program and since all they do is place fraud alerts on your credit report how much do they really help. I know Zander's plan covers all types of ID Theft just not credit situations (and it's only $140/year per family, or $70/year per person). Hope this helps!