Monday, May 12, 2008

Antibiotics four times a day???

H is all better now, other than the occasional, "Wipe the blood off your teeth, honey." We had a nice Mother's Day brunch with my mom and dad, and took a few really nice pictures outside afterwards. I just downloaded them and in every single one, she has a big swatch of blood on her front tooth. Oh well. She has one more day of taking the antibiotic we had to start taking last week...FOUR TIMES A DAY. I don't get that. There are long acting pain medications, cold medication, birth control, allergy relief, and I'm sure there are once a day antibiotics. Why, in God's name, do they give kids a medicine they have to take four times a day? Must be because moms are in charge. If my husband had to take something four times a day, he'd never take it. I would probably forget about it myself until bedtime, and then take all four at once. But since I'M IN CHARGE I am so good. I have a little notepad next to the refrigerator and the bottle of pills, where I jot down every time she takes one. She is the champion of taking medicine, I tell ya. Properly spaced out, she hasn't missed a single dose. And I take full credit for it.