Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nashville's Gas Crisis: Inside the Bunker

We drove to North Carolina on Friday, and were lucky to have no trouble getting gas in the small towns on the way.  We watched with great interest as the situation unfolded here all weekend, with neighborhood watches posting availability and length of lines of cars getting gas, when it was available.  The media is warning us that it might take all week to get back to normal.  Of course, with everyone topping off their tanks every time they see gas available, the situation is not improving.  I've seen people filling up portable gas containers and milk jugs.  When the rest of the country runs out of gas all they have to do is contact us, we'll have the surplus!

The Nashville Scene posted a great little movie about the Nashville gas situation.  It's hilarious.  Watch it all the way through...

Nashville's Gas Crisis:  Inside the Nashville Bunker